” In my life journey I did so many things, I started my teaching career with so much enthusiasm and got so disappointed with the results and the kind of learners that I got, management etc. I pushed myself very hard through the levels hoping at some level I will have the impact in people’s lives. My passion is in helping people become the best they could be. I studied psychology but the void was still there, I just could not go into counselling. I was then called into the ministry, studied Theology up to Master’s level with the same aim in sight of being a counsellor, but never a method that could impact people’s life. I read vestry still to no avail, then I heard about this life transformation coaching training from my sister, and reading through it, I felt in my spirit this is what I have been lacking all this time. I based my argument on the scripture that says ‘Be not conformed to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds’. This was just an idea for me, but Gerald, you made this a reality. I needed the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu in my life, South Africa needs the truth on Tao Te Ching and you delivered it with such compassion and humility. Thank you so much guys.”

Gillian Baxstor – RZA

“WOW! Words are not enough! If I had to choose one word it would be ‘BREAKTHROUGH’! Everything that has been holding me back to even try and step out of my comfort zone has been completely and utterly destroyed! It has unleashed my ‘TRUE and GREAT’ me! The “Pat” who I was born to be! I am already seeing and feeling the incredible manifestations of what my mind, body and soul has gone through the past five days. My body that was riddled with intense and chronic pain (in my colon (IBS)), back (2 back operations), foot (neuroma), shoulders (recent impingement operation) etc etc – initially it all got worse, but today 90% of the pain is GONE! I can now see how my negative mind-set and negative belief systems were slowly destroying, not only my peace of mind and emotions, but my body too. I have experienced great and deep healing in every area of my body, mind and soul with the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu. I feel a great release from negativity and from the ‘ugly and self-destructive’ voice in my head – that voice is gone for good! I am SO appreciative and FULL of gratitude and love. Today was my breakthrough for my confidence with everything starting to manifest, and I feel it slowly coming together. My mind is much clearer, brighter and I feel totally centred and peaceful now. I even got a VISION threw Tao Te Ching for my life today during our session of installing self-confidence! It was so real, and I have been praying for a vision for my life for many years. Even though it may take a few years of self-transformation first, I now know that I was born to become a life student of Tao Te Ching. Thank you Geraldl!!!”

Patricia Le Roux – South Africa

“I want to thank you Gerald for allowing me to be a part of a special group of people that changed from strangers to friends in days. The course itself is phenomenal, to say the least. I can apply Lao Tzu’s knowledge in therapy, life coaching and workshops, what I learnt in this 81 week’s have made me into the person I envisioned for me my entire life. I have been equipped with skills to deal head-on with anything that comes my way. I feel truly powerful, confident and able to conquer the world. I plan to carry these tools and endeavour to enrich the lives of others. Thank you Gerald of teaching me about the Tao Te Ching – Thank you does not even feel enough – I have a new lease! I have been freed of all that blocked me.”

Ursela Chetty – NZ

“For long I have been on a path, seeking to get in touch with who I am and at the same time overcome the limitations that have stood in my way and had presented themselves as insurmountable barriers. The harder I tried, the more difficult it became, the closer I got, the more elusive my goal became. During this course, under the tutorship and guidance of Gerald Crawford into the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, I have made a breakthrough I had almost given up on. To say my life has been transformed is an understatement, there is a revolution taking place in every cell and every neuron, literally in every aspect of who I am. The way I saw and interpreted myself and the world the last 81 weeks has changed so much, some people might think or conclude that I am some sort of ‘alien’. Spiritually, physically and mentally the transition is absolutely phenomenal. I am no longer a seeker – now I just have to be me and live to be the best that I was created to be. All the tools I need and needed have been lying dormant in me, now they are released and activated, I am present. Thank you Gerald.”

Janine Brown – UK

“This life awakening course is exactly what the name states: “Transformational!!” Gerald, thank you, you took me into the Tao Te Ching, a place so phenomenal, a place I never even knew existed, a place previously unimaginable, and you have made it my reality! To be able to finally let go of every grain of fear, doubt, any negative emotion, its priceless!! Nowhere else in the WORLD is a better awakening course than this one. Thank you Gerald for what you teach, being the living example. Thank you for keeping yourself on such a phenomenal level and in so doing, guiding us to greatness! Wow! Mind-blowing! Powerful!”

Karien Muller – South Africa