This online course stats every first Monday of the month. The Re-New Your Mind Course cost is 200 US. (Published Date: 29 Dec 2020 – This will change closer to the dates in relation to currency fluctuation.)

Starting Dates for 2021: 04 January, 08 February, 08 March, 05 April, 03 May, 07 June, 05 July, 09 August, 06 September, 04 October, 08 November and 07 December.

We will send you 81 Week Program, Guidelines and Tasks and your copy of Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life (eBook) – by Wayne Dyer to your within 14 days of registration.

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Re-New Your Mind Course by Gerald Crawford – 81 Week Course to Re-New Your Mind – Tao Te Ching – The Chinese concept of yin and yang describes nature in daulities with two opposite, complementary, and interdependent forces. In other words, two halves balancing together that make a whole.