Deeper meaning meditation on Tao Te Ching. – Week 9.

The Three Treasures of Tao Te Ching – Jing – Creative Energy (The Candel) , Qi – Life-Force Energy (The Flame) , Shen – Spiritual Energy (The Light).

The message that is at the centre of the centre of the Tao Te Ching brought to us by Lao Tzu.

If Jing is the wax and wick of a candle, and Qi its flame, then Shen is the radiance given off by the flame – what allows it to actually be a source of light. And in the same way that the light from a candle depends upon the wax, wick, and flame, so does healthy Shen depend upon the cultivation of Jing and Qi. It is only through the temple of a strong and balanced body that a radiant Spirit can shine.

Shen is the spiritual radiance that can be seen shining through a person’s eyes – the emanation of a universal loving-kindness, compassion and enlightened power; of a heart brimming with wisdom, forgiveness and generosity.

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