Gerald Crawford is in his 50’s and lives in Stellenbosch South Africa, he is married and has two children.

Gerald Crawford is a Certified Clinical Ethnomedicine Hypnosis Practitioner – He has gone on a personal journey of transformation and discovery and studied the human mind for over 10 years and though his own adversity he has emerged victorious and is passionate about helping others find and live there true-self.

Personal Motto: With experience and study comes insight with insight come wisdom with wisdom comes moments of absolute clarity, transcendence then follows.

In my life I have Studied Accountable Philosophy with Meditation and Healing. The last 4 years I have studied more than 10 different translations of the Tao Te Ching  by Lao Tzu for the last three years and now I act as a spiritual dula for other people. I have mainly based this course upon the 1948 translation by linguist Lin Yutang, a 1961 translation by author John Ching Hsiung Wu, a 1963 translation by sinologist Din Cheuk Lau, 1963 translation by professor Wing-tsit Chan and translations / versions by Stephen Mitchell, John H McDonald and Jonathan Star.

I wrote this 81 week course to address the holistic needs of the individuals and institutions (e.g. churches, companies, schools, prisons, etc). These needs include, physical, mental and spiritual. This position comes from a recognition that the individual is both multifaceted and interconnected and that issues in one area will invariably affect the others. 

The Tao Te Ching is one of the oldest books still in existence – and certainly one of the wisest and most profound. It presents an approach to life which is almost quite alien to our materialistic, consumer-driven modern society, but which I feel is more important than ever and is a way of reconnecting us to a more natural, balanced and peaceful mode of living and experiencing life.



This 81 week course is a journey of self discovery that will lead to your spiritual awakening. You will then have access to a place of peace and calm that is inside you and only then your will reflect the spark of the divine that is you.