This online course stats every first Monday of the month. The Re-New Your Mind Course cost is 135 US – only 1.70 US per week. (Published Date: 11 Nov 2019 – This will change closer to the dates in relation to currency fluctuation.)

Starting Dates for 2020: 06 January, 03 February, 02 March, 06 April, 04 May, 01 June, 06 July, 03 August, 07 September, 05 October, 02 November and 07 December.

We will send you 81 Week Program, Guidelines and Tasks and your copy of Dr. Wayne Dyer Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Book to your Street Address within 14 days of registration.

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Re-New Your Mind Course by Gerald Crawford – 81 Week Course to Re-New Your Mind – Tao Te Ching – The Chinese concept of yin and yang describes nature in daulities with two opposite, complementary, and interdependent forces. In other words, two halves balancing together that make a whole.